Everything About DDR German Shepherds (Guides)

If you want the ideal pet in your life, it is time for you to get to know the DDR German Shepherds thoroughly. You can learn a little about this breed’s history from German Shepherds that stand out from other species. Learn some basic facts about DDR German Shepherds and the reasons why they are perfect dogs are.

Discover the health problems that this breed of dog can present if you decide to buy one are. Know what the care of the DDR German Shepherd is and what the personality is that you will face with the pet. You can decide today if DDR German Shepherds are the dogs you need to accompany you in your day.

The Origin of DDR German Shepherds

DDR German Shepherds are dogs that date back to wartime, exactly to the cold war in Germany. You are adopting a legendary pet that has been taken as a soldier dog since its inception. DDR’s initials on the dog stand for Deutsches Demokratische Republik, which means “The German Democratic Republic,” from which its mixture dates back.

This type of German Shepherd has unique traits in their appearance that make them tolerant of cold weather and extreme exercise. It is common for you to see a German Shepherd DDR performing police duties because his agility is advantageous. They are dogs that can scale 5-meter sloping walls without problems and remain calm when you tell them to.

You can identify the DDR German Shepherd from the common German Shepherds by their dark color and more proportionate appearance. These dogs are large-legged and with a slightly more prominent coat than that of common German shepherds.

What Is A DDR German Shepherd?

A DDR German Shepherd is a dog that you can obtain for protection and intimidation tasks in your home. They are very efficient dogs when you focus on hunting or searching for the police area. You can feel very good around a DDR German Shepherd because of the protection it gives you from bad people.

This hybrid of the German Shepherd is very common in the United States, although you can also see them in European areas. They are very intelligent dogs that can be affectionate if you impart that same love towards them. Each DDR German Shepherd has qualities that make him stand out from the common German Shepherd by having a more dominant appearance.

If you adopt a DDR German Shepherd, you are making a big decision because they are quite balanced dogs. You can have a faithful companion and tough protector at home when it comes to taking care of yourself while you sleep.

Some Common Facts About DDR German Shepherds

Some basic facts about the DDR German Shepherd that you can observe are:


Their fur is dark, and in some areas, they have light flashes, mainly on the ears and face. You can have a very beautiful dog with somewhat soft hair that you will adore and want to keep that way.


The dogs first appeared in East Germany as a hybrid of an American German Shepherd. The cold war was the main scene where this breed of dogs was the Germans’ protection and tracking. It is a legendary dog ​​that has survived for many decades, being faithful to its master.


DDR German Shepherds are very good at patrolling, surveillance, attack, tracking, among other things. They are dogs that you can use for hunting or your police work, being a useful companion.


They are usually very familiar dogs that you can have at home without the fear of biting your children or partner. You can teach the DDR German Shepherd which people to protect and the enemy. They are easy to train.

DDR German Shepherds’ Personality

Something that you should care about above all is the personality of the DDR German Shepherds to introduce to your children. If you want a dog that gives you protection and is very loving, DDR is your best decision; get to know him:

  • Way of being

They are very balanced dogs and their way of being focused on obeying their master in all the things he asks of him. You may have a very intelligent dog with whom you can deliver for police or household duties. Although the DDR’s face is very serious, it is quite a loving dog that you can hug whenever you like.

  • Family pet

You can have a DDR German Shepherd from a young age and get the best results because it will be a family pet. These dogs associate very well with your children, who, with your consent, will protect you while you are not at home.

They are focused on dogs.

If you train your DDR German Shepherd for hunting, you will notice how focused they are to achieve the goal. These dogs are useful for tracking ducks or deer that you kill.

  • Protection

Something important in DDR German Shepherds is protection towards their owners, where they become very aggressive. You can train your dog to bite a person just by saying a word and pointing at it. These dogs usually have large fangs that make them a threat to those who want to harm you.

DDR German Shepherd Health Concerns

If you adopt or buy a DDR German Shepherd, you should be aware of some genetic complications in his health:

  • Hip dysplasia

All purebred or hybrid German Shepherds such as DDR can suffer from hip dysplasia in adulthood. These dogs tend to be very delicate on the back, causing them to fall into this condition due to a bad movement. You can contact a vet if you find that your dog is in pain when walking.

  • Sensitive stomach

They are genetic problems that the dog can have and must treat throughout his life with some medications. If you see that your dog is having trouble eating or discarding food in his feces, he may be suffering from this condition.

  • Heart problems

Your DDR German Shepherd can suffer from long-term heart problems and more if you do not take care of him from being overweight. This health problem is possible for all dogs, and it depends a lot on you that your pet does not suffer from it.

Caring For DDR German Shepherds

If you have a DDR German Shepherd, it is time for you to learn how to take care of it to extend its life span to 12 years:

  • Treat genetic problems

You must treat the genetic problems that your pet presents throughout his life so that he is happy. If your DDR German Shepherd suffers from a sensitive stomach, you must keep him on a diet for life. These dogs will present different problems you have to detect with a veterinarian and know how to treat them.

  • Good nutrition

You have to give your DDR dog a good diet from puppy to adulthood. You must have a perfect line in the food you give your dog without having so much fat or a few nutrients. An overweight German Shepherd can be a problem because these dogs’ nature is to exercise at all times.

  • Exercise is essential

If you adopt or buy a DDR German Shepherd, you must accept the challenge of exercising to keep him happy. They are very energetic dogs that can change your life if you intend to jog or run every day. You can create a routine with your dog where you lower his accumulated energy by running, jumping, and chasing things.