All Information About German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

You must review everything that hides behind the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix before acquiring a puppy. The mixtures of these two breeds are commonly known as Rottie Shepherd, defining how good this canine breed is. The appearance of this mixture is very beautiful. However, certain things about their health must be considered.

During this guide, several interesting points will be analyzed to help you understand everything related to this mixture.

What Is A Shepweiler?

Shepweilers are dogs that are linked by crossing a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler. The dogs that are products of this mix have excellent qualities that make them affectionate and have great energy to play. Both breeds have Energy qualities, and when combined, you can have a very loyal dog to share with them.

These dogs adapt to almost any home. However, it is always recommended that they are kept in wide spaces for their interaction. If you are interested in crossing these two breeds, it is always good that you receive guidance from a veterinarian to do it correctly. The mix of German Shepherd and Rottweiler is one of the best-known mixes in the world.

Many interesting characteristics will make you want to obtain this cross, as they are intelligent dogs to train from your home.

What Are Some Common Information About Shepweilers?

Shepweilers are large dogs because they inherit both breeds’ best attributes, looking very beautiful to look at. You can always adopt these dogs at home from shelters, although you can also buy it if you prefer.

First of all, you should know that a Shepweilers is not a purebred dog because they are the product of a mixture of breeds. When combining two different dogs’ species, the result is a genetic modification of the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler. The basic information of the Shepweilers is as follows.

  • Weight.

The weight of this mix can vary from 70 to 115 pounds during its adult development. If you are based on weight, you will know that this mix of dogs weighs enough to have energetic behavior.

  • Approximate Measurements.

A Shepweiler in its adulthood will reach a measurement of 22 to 27 inches in height or perhaps a little less. Because both parents are of a considerable size, the mix results from their parents’ similar height sizes. When comparing this mix with other canines, it can be seen that you will have a large dog if you adopt one.

  • Size.

When it comes to the size of this dog in its adulthood, of course, it is a large size.

  • Appearance.

The appearance of this mix is more similar to the Rottweiler than the German Shepherd. According to the entangled parents, when both races are united, they result in brown, black, and gray colors. This dog’s hair looks quite thick, and its length tends to be of medium height.

In general, this dog looks very beautiful when combined with both parents’ coat colors used for mixing. Within the appearance, the following subcategories can be mentioned:

  • Brown or black eyes
  • Long and flexible type ears
  • The lifetime of these dogs is 10 to 15 years of life.
  • The nose is black

Health Problems

The German Shepherd / Rottweiler cross can present some congenital health problems of a typical type. Throughout the life of a dog, it can become ill due to its approach to old age. Generally, dogs in general, regardless of the crossbreed, develop common diseases such as:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye diseases (eye problems)
  • Food allergies or general type
  • Skin irritations

Of course, being a mixed dog, it can have some other diseases throughout its life. Joint degeneration is a genetic characteristic of both parents’ disease. Therefore it can be inherited. On the other hand, you can also inherit diseases separately from both genetic parents.

Elbow dysplasia is usually, in some cases, one of the pathologies that the Shepweilers present. If you want to prevent genetic diseases from your pet, you must maintain a dog with a healthy weight. A dog that exercises and maintains a good diet provides adulthood free from joint diseases.

Other diseases present in this mix are cancer, parental autoimmune diseases, heart disease, and hypothyroidism.

Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Habits and Characteristics

Many people who consider acquiring this breed think about this breed of dog’s temperament before obtaining it. Shepweiler dogs can be scary due to the large size they reach at young ages, appearing aggressive to the naked eye. However, these dogs are not really if they are adopted an early education to be affectionate and kind.

In particular, dogs inherit both biological parents’ temperament, which matches the environment of their growth. This dog can defend you when feeling a threat from third parties as they are very receptive. Their temperament, in general, is usually:

  • Smart

They are fast learning dogs when you apply training for their behavior development with family and strangers. They can learn good manners with great ease, of course, starting from an early stage to educate him.

  • Adaptable

They mainly adapt to places with a lot of space. However, they are also perfect for living in urban areas. They develop great empathy with the environment where they are raised, but they can also be adapted to other places with ease.

  • Friendly with the Neighborhood

In general, this type of dog is friendly to the neighborhood unless it feels that it has been invaded. This mix can be aggressive towards dogs from other places when feeling the invasion of his space.

  • Powerful

They are strong dogs that are mainly used as protectors of homes to respond to threats. The instinct to protect from both breeds will give you a dog that you can trust for your care.

  • Energetic

His energy is incredible, so you will always have a dog willing to interact with you unless he is sick. You will see that this dog runs, jumps, and plays all over the house all day long.

  • Loyal

Once they bond with their owner, they can hardly change it because their loyalty is impressive. They are very attached to their owner and will protect their property and the integrity of their master.

  • Cheerful

They are dogs that become affectionate only with the members of their family being cheerful and fun.

Training a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

In addition to the exercise routines that you must have with your dog to keep him healthy, you can also quickly train him. Mixed breed dogs learn as easily as other pure-type dog breeds. The basic steps for training are as follows:

  • Give your dog rewards during activities every time he does what you want.
  • Think about what you need your dog to learn and put it into practice
  • Read about the types of training and adopt your dog the one you want
  • There are many free tutorials on the internet that you can use for your training.

Remember that training your dog depends on what you want to teach him and your patience to achieve it.