Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix: All You Need to Know

What is the German shepherd Shiba Inu mix?

The Shiba Inu German shepherd mix is a hybrid dog that comes under two breeds. It is a fairly new designer dog which is the most popular one among others. There is no other official name present to this cross. Otherwise, the breeders mate having two separate breeds for a certain reason. The dog is not a mutt, but the result is breeding. Of course, it can promote specific characteristics in two breeds. At any time you see the designer dog, the German shepherd mix comes to mind. The reason behind the popularity of the Shiba Inu is outstanding. 

The History of German shepherd Shiba Inu mix

There is not a lot of history to it. Shepherd inu are breed dog comes from Shiba Inu and German shepherd. The breed dog is not just a dog, and it is also one of the most active dogs getting a reputation. They are best to guard dogs and watchdogs!! The dog is a relatively quiet breed, and they are barking if necessary. The coat of the dog makes the inu so popular. And the physical characteristics are impressive by all. The obedient are effective when the dog with right owners. 

Health Issues

Breed dog health issues

Shiba Inu is a healthy dog, but some health issues are coming. With the few risks of eye issues like cataracts and glaucoma as well patellar Luxation. Including the German shepherd is having some serious issues like arthritis and dysplasia. 

Risk condition

As Shiba inu german shepherds are mixed breed, they are prone to some diseases than the parent breeds. The risk condition of Shiba Inu suffers from the hip, joint dysplasia, elbow, degenerative myelopathy, and degenerative spinal stenosis. 

Shiba Inu are suffering from health issues like skin allergies as well. And the german shepherds are prone to health issues like bloating, eye problems, and other health-related issues. 

Health care risk with shepherd inu

Overall, the greater thing about the Shiba Inu German shepherd mix is there is no scientific proof regarding the dog breeds health issues. It is because the Shiba Inu german shepherd mix is relatively uncommon and new. Even these dog breeds do not have any health issues at this point. 

Some Characteristics of German shepherd Shiba Inu mix

Some Characteristics of German shepherd Shiba Inu mix - Image By familylifeshare

Physical traits

Both the German shepherd and Shiba Inu are NOT dogs, and most of the dog owners are like this both. It isn’t easy to control and train both breeds. The German shepherds and Shiba Inu are greater striking dogs that are loyal and intelligent than others. German shepherds are the most active dog and are commonly used by the department of police, military, and others. This type of dog is needs confident trainers that are familiar with needs the type of working breeds. 

Energetic shepherd inu

Moreover, the Shiba Inu is a non-sporting dog by AKC. But crossing the Shiba Inu with german shepherded are popular of higher energy, working breed and easy to train. And the breed is understandable everything easily. 


German shepherd inu is a specific pet dog and also comes with a medium to high energy. The dog will refrain well in the yard and need normal workouts. It is the perfect combination of smartness, good looking, and intelligence. 

Skill about the dog

The breed dog is having quick learning power, alertness, calm, cuteness, and everything. Including the dog is having good guarding skills. But the dog is getting good looks from the german sphered. Many people are getting more interested in this wonderful dog breed. 


The mix is a highly enthusiastic dog which makes it more energetic and active. As the characteristics of Shiba Inu and German shepherd, the breed is considered a bold dog and a higher level of self-dependence. Did you know? This is a highly active breed that is not suited to be left aloof. Including the dog needs a higher level of exercise as well. Shepherd inu are protective and quite territorial. 

Once you establish your superiority over the breed, of course, it will always ready to accept your authority and follow your directives. The bonding of the dog is impressive, and it comes very loyally. But the dog will not easily get bonding with strangers. It is because, in these cases, the dog is relatively reserved. 

Training Shiba Inu German shepherd mix

Training Shiba Inu German shepherd mix

Needs of proper training

Shiba Inu german shepherds mix is the best active dog breed. And then they need the proper training and exercise sessions, longer walk daily. Suppose, if you do not take them for exercise, then they will become obese, which is not good for their health. Including training for the dog is an important one. Once you begin your advice, then the dog will follow them perfectly. 


When it comes to protection, the dog breed is the extremely best choice. The dogs need to bring joy, companionship, and other sense of pride, right? The dog needs the training. Otherwise, they exhibit behavioral issues. So gives proper training is important. The Shiba Inu german shepherd mix is obeyed perfectly once after proper training. 

Control the dog

You can control the dog with voice commands. Good training helps to make your dog socialize. The trained breed dog will follow your orders when you are not there. So you have to teach the dog about your authorities. This is a dog working dog and harder to train because of its stubbornness.

Is it a good family dog?

Yes!!! Shepherd inu is a good family dog. They always protect your family members, which traits make them good pet dogs. The dog will follow all your commands if the dog is perfectly trained. The dog is good with kids. Are you searching for a loyal companion, then choose this dog breed which is suits you highly. If you want the best family dog, it is ideal to choose an incredible German shepherd Shiba Inu mix.