Golden Retriever Vs. German Shepherd – Which Dog Breed Is Better?

Golden Retriever and German shepherds are among the most popular pet dogs in America. However, you might think that the Golden Retriever as a family dog breed, whereas German shepherds are among the best guard dogs or watchdogs. Indeed, Golden retriever has been listed at number 3, and the German shepherd comes on number 2! Thus both dog breeds have outstanding attributes, which make them a great choice to adopt them. 

 Moreover, these dogs are fun-loving, loyal, and generous with kids. You might be wondering that is there any difference between a German Shepherd vs. Golden Retriever. You may believe it or not, the Golden Retriever and the German have many differences! If you are finding detailed information about their eating habits, fighting skills, and size. Below is the list of essential facts that will let you know which breed good dog is right for you.

 General Information Comparison

First, here we discuss the general information about the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, followed by the information related to their training and temperament needs.

 The Golden retrievers are famous for their golden coat colors, whereas the German shepherd dogs are famous for their appearance like a wolf. Moreover, the golden Retriever comes on 3rd best breed globally, whereas the German shepherd comes in the 2nd position. The Golden Retriever hails from Scotland and is known for its sporty group attributes. 

 The Golden retriever breed dogs used to work with huntsman to reclaim the game. On the other hand, the German shepherd originally hails from Germany and is suitable for herding the group. The German shepherd is known for its attributes of gathering and protecting livestock. Let us have a look at the different characteristics of German Shepherd vs. Golden Retriever.


  • German Shepherd – The German shepherd dog has a well-balanced body with erect ears with a downward curved tail. Generally, an adult German shepherd (male) has 26 inches while an adult female has 24 inches. The weight of a German shepherd male can weigh up to 90 lbs, while a female GSD weighs up to 70 lbs.
  • German Retriever- the Golden retriever size ranges between medium to large breed dogs with floppy ears and an upward curved tail. A well-developed golden retriever can have a maximum height of 24 inches, whereas a female can reach only 22.5 inches in height. The male retriever breed weight up to 75 lbs while the female breed will weigh up to 65 lbs.

Coat Color

  • German Shepherd – the german shepherd comes in various coat colors and lengths. The commonly seen colors would include silver and black, tan and black, black, and sable. There are also some rare breed colors such as blue, white, liver, and panda. Moreover, their coat length may vary between small, plush or medium, and long coats.
  • Golden Retriever – the yellow retriever a.k.a golden retrievers, has the most distinct golden coat color. His outer coat length is dense and water-repellent.

Training Comparison 

Exercise/Activities Needs

  • German Shepherd – the german shepherd dog breeds are highly active. So they require a minimum of one hour of training, and you have to change exercise daily as they get bored with the same schedule. You can take your dog for outdoor running and walking to maintain their physical attributes. Moreover, remember to add various mental challenges to enhance their mental health.

 Moreover, they worked with military and police forces as sniffing and guard dogs. Their jobs can involve searching explosives, detecting drugs, rescuing missing, locating evidence, and representing suspects.

  • Golden Retriever – these are good at getting back the game with the hunters. If you do not hunt, you have to assign them some retrieving like hidden newspaper retrieving. It is also necessary for you to take them for jogging and walk, running at the beach because they like to swim in the water. Golden retriever dogs are good at sniffing out narcotics and assistance dogs.


  • German Shepherd – this German breed is ready for anything to protect its owner and family members. Because these dog breeds are good at guarding their loved ones, they were trained to protect their loved ones when they are in danger. They can injure and attack the intruder to safeguard their families.
  •  Golden Retriever – Golden retriever has a retriever background, now they have control over their biting habits. They are trained not to fasten down when they are retrieving quarries. They may have the same pressure and force as GSDs, but it can do some serious injuries.

 Health Comparison

Overweight Potential/ Eating Habits 

  • German Shepherd – The German shepherd dogs typically do not become overweight, as they are highly active dog breeds. However, if the owner overfeeds their dog and does not provide proper training, German shepherds are overweight.
  •  Golden Retriever – Some of the golden retriever breeds tend to binge-eat, leading to several consequences like lethargy and obesity. To prevent this from happening, give them high nutritional value food, and try to avoid those foods that contain fats.

 Watchdog/ Family Dog

  • German Shepherd – German shepherd dog breeds are great for a family, but these are not as friendly as the golden Retriever. Some people are frightened by their size, bark, and wolf-like appearance. They are best for protecting their owner and can work as a watchdog.
  •  Golden Retriever – it is popular among family dogs because they like to be around their owner and please them. Moreover, they prefer to stay inside the house and build their relationship with family members. They are gentle and friendly with everyone, such as strangers, children, and other pets. You can also train them as a watchdog, but they are not as good as GSDs. They may bark when a stranger is approaching.

Aggression/ Barking 

  • German Shepherd – this dog breed tends to bark a lot to protect their area from strangers. However, barking is one of their character’s positive attributes because it helps the owner alert about the danger. To avoid aggressive nature, train them while they are in their puppyhood.
  • Golden Retriever – generally, these dog breeds are quiet and bark less. Moreover, they are less aggressive due to their loving and friendly nature. If the owner is neglecting their needs, they can become aggressive.

 The above information is all about the comparison between German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. Thus you have to choose which is better for you.