Everything About DDR German Shepherds (Guides)

DDR German Shepherds - Image By shepped

If you want the ideal pet in your life, it is time for you to get to know the DDR German Shepherds thoroughly. You can learn a little about this breed’s history from German Shepherds that stand out from other species. Learn some basic facts about DDR German Shepherds and the reasons why they are … Read more

Sable German Shepherd (Guides 2021)

Sable German Shepherd

Sable German Shepherds are an extraordinary and fantastic breed that is similar to their wolf ancestors. It has a very special color; the Sable is the dominant coat color of the German shepherd; its color is similar to that of wolves. Below, you will learn more about this incredible breed: the Sables German Shepherds and … Read more

German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Mix: All About Euro Mountain Sheparnese

German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix - Photo By Loveyoudog

The euro mountain sheparnese, also known as the German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog mix, is a hybrid dog that recently came in the spotlight of the cross-breeding world. However, not every time cross-breeding results in excellent production, it affects the dogs’ health and life-span, such as pugs or dachshunds.  Moreover, whoever decided to mix breed a german … Read more